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Kerala House Boat
One of the main reasons why thousands of tourists come to Kerala each year is because of the beautiful and exciting backwaters. There are several waterways where people can enjoy the backdrop and climate any time of the year. There are several water vessels to choose from too like canoes, ferries, small boats, rafts and house boats. The house boats are particularly favored by visitors because of the uniqueness and variety of styles available.
About the Houseboat

A Kerala houseboat is a specially made boat that consists of several areas for honeymooners and whole families to enjoy. The sizes will differ depending on the number of available rooms. There are houseboats with 1 to 5 rooms for rent. These are usually offered by many boat rental companies situated along the backwaters of the tourist destination. Some of the areas that are in the houseboat include the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room and sundeck. Most have two levels while there are also models with three. When renting the vessel, tourists usually stay one night or more. The packages usually include meals, snacks and tea. The boats will also include a variety of appliances and furniture that gives these a very luxurious appeal.
Houseboats are very safe since companies provide maximum and 24-hour security services. There will also be crew members included in the trip. In most cases, three personnel will travel with the tourists namely two crew members who will be in charge of steering the boat and keeping the place clean and one chef who can cook a va
riety of traditional dishes and delectable snacks for the whole trip. Bigger Kerala houseboats will also include more crew members. Visitors will be provided with an itinerary upon boarding the vessel. Activities will be done both inland and offshore depending on the package and the preference of the tourists.
Things to Expect
There are so many things to do when renting Kerala houseboats. Generally, tourists like the trip because they get to stay very close to nature and watch a variety of natural features and landscapes. The trip will showcase ancient villages, unique flowers and animals in the nearby jungles, paddy and tea fields, temples and other long-standing buildings. People usually spend several hours on the sundeck getting a tan or sipping coffee. The trip will go through many beautiful lakes, canals and lagoons. Families and honeymooners get to cook or be served meals throughout the day. Some trips will also have stops at different points for tourists to meet with local residents, visit temples and trek through forests.
Visitors can stay in Kerala houseboats anywhere between 1 and 15 days. Trips will take them to different hill stations and districts throughout Kerala. The cost of the houseboat will differ depending on the available facilities and number of bedrooms. Some of the things included in the boat are an LCD TV and DVD player, dinin
g and living room chairs and tables, hot water showers or tubs, air conditioners and fans and a sound system.
Places to Visit in Kerala & Details:
Kerala is one of the most frequently visited places in India. It is known to many tourists as one of the ten paradises on earth so visitors should never leave the country without spending a few days in Kerala. There are so many things to do and various places to visit in the area. The tourist spot offers tranquil and breathtaking views that are just right for couples and families. Here are some of the highly recommended spots to go to.
Must-See Places in kerala:
The backwaters are among the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala. The backwaters feature elegant views that showcase the lush forests and beautiful waterways. Tourists can go for the day cruise which generally lasts eight hours. The cruise will start at Kollam going to Allapuzzha. Some of the things to expect during the cruise include sipping tea while watching the scenery, lunch stop at selected locations and a visit to a number of temples or the female gurus. Some people prefer to stay longer and spend the night at the ashram. Many people go through the backwaters via the local ferry. It is a good way to experience life in Kerala and meet some of the local residents. The price is cheap and is ideal for backpackers and adventurous individuals. Houseboats and canoes are also available.
Hill Station Action:
Munnar is an excellent hill station to visit which features a variety of outdoor activities and elegant sights. Tourists will surely enjoy the wonderful background of the hill station such as mountains, tea plantations and valleys. Munnar is one of the cooler places in Kerala. Some people prefer to visit during the winter to take advantage of the cool weather which is ideal for hiking and picnicking. The Top Station offers the best view in Munnar. Some of the activities to enjoy include touring the tea plantations, trying some of the locally harvested tea and riding a rickshaw. The Tata Tea Museum will introduce tourists to tea making and share some of Kerala’s colonial past. There are also a number of waterfalls in the area.
There are a couple of other hill stations in Kerala that visitors will also like namely Nelliampathy and Wayanad. These places also have a number of tea and spice farms and have very good landscapes for trekking and hiking. These areas are just over 70 kilometers away from Munnar and can easily be accessed by bus. It is a great option for people who wish to escape the crowded state of Munnar.
Beaches and Yoga Sessions:
Varkala is a very famous beach destination in Kerala where tourists can enjoy drinking tea or coffee while watching the views. Varkala also offers a number of yoga experts who conduct classes a few times each day specifically for tourists. People can relax with a massage by the beach or try meditation and yoga exercises to calm and soothe their senses. Many of these classes also educate visitors on the history of Kerala and the development of yoga and ayurvedic medicine in the area.