TAJ MAHAL, Agra, India Welcome To Agra – In The Northern Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh And The City Of Taj Mahal-One Of The Seven Wonder Of The World. Visit Taj Mahal- Stands On The Banks Of The Yamuna River. It Was Built In The Memory Of The Beautiful Arjumand Bano Begum, Who Won The Heart Of A Mughal Prince. Work On The Mausoleum Began In 1633 And 20,000 Workers Laboured For 17 Years To Build It. The Most Skilled Architects, Inlay Craftsmen, Calligraphers, Stone-Carvers And Masons Came From All Across India And Lands As Distant As Persia And Turkey. Taj Mahal Has Inspired Poets, Painters And Musicians To Try And Capture Its Elusive Magic In Word, Colour And Son. Since The 17th Century, Travellers Have Crossed Continents To Come And See This Ultimate Memorial To Love, And Few Have Been Unmoved By Its Incomparable Beauty. http://www.visitindia.travel


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